Alec Issigonis

  • Greek designer
  • Born November 18, 1906
  • Died October 2, 1988

Sir Alexander Arnold Constantine Issigonis, (Greek: Αλέξανδρος Αρνόλδος Κωνσταντίνος Ισηγόνης Alexandros Arnoldos Konstantinos Isigonis; 18 November 1906 – 2 October 1988) was an English-Greek designer of cars, widely noted for the groundbreaking and influential development of the Mini, launched by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) in 1959, and in 1999 voted the second most influential car of the twentieth century.

The public don't know what they want; it's my job to tell them.

It is much easier to drive without having an accident.

I feel very, very proud that so many people have copied me.

A camel is a horse designed by committee.

An expert is someone who tells you why you can't do something.