Alec Berg

  • American writer

Alec Berg is an American comedy writer, best known as a writer for the sitcom Seinfeld and co-creator and executive producer of Barry with Bill Hader. He also co-wrote the screenplays for the films The Cat in the Hat, EuroTrip and The Dictator. In addition, Berg is an executive producer of Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm and has directed numerous episodes of it, and also an executive producer of Silicon Valley.In the Seinfeld episode "The Face Painter", Berg's name is given to an attorney friend of Jerry's who gives Jerry some New York Rangers playoff tickets.

The amounts of money in Silicon Valley are staggering.

There's a reason there are 50,000 cop shows and firefighter shows: Watching them is cool.

I have a feeling that life as a billionaire in Silicon Valley is very different than the life that you or I would lead. Unless you're a billionaire; I don't know your financial situation.

My brother is an electrical engineer and went to computer science grad school at Stanford, and he'd tell me stories about the happy hours he'd organize.

I have enough motivation just not looking like an idiot on national television. The fear of disappointing people is certainly higher.

My dad's a biophysicist. My brother is a computer guy. His wife works at Microsoft.

'The Practice' is one of my favorite shows of all time, and the first few seasons of that show were amazing, and then when they started winning the big case, it just got less interesting.

You can't just watch people type all day, and you can't really show screenshots of code and make it interesting in any way.

I love oddballs and nerdiness, and it's a fun world to write in.

Somebody writing a subroutine is unbelievable boring.