Adolfo Cambiaso

You can decide at 17 that you want to be a professional player. In Argentina, they start very young. They go to school in the morning and then do polo in the afternoon.

I wanted total control and leadership. I wanted to buy the horses and choose the players.

I play the way it's most effective for the team. They used to say I hit the ball too many times.

If you have the right horses and the right team, that's the way to succeed. But you have to work, and you have to improve. Every year, you must get better.

I just play, that's all. When I'm in the field, I always connect with what I'm doing. I can't explain it. I can't control it. It just happens.

I want to finish high school, but that will be it.

I have to look after myself. I go to the gym every day; I have physio every day, I have a couple of guys that work with my body a lot.

Pressure brings out the best in me. It's the only way to keep improving: putting a bit of pressure on yourself.

The best decisions are taken quickly and well. You can prepare yourself, have all aspects of the game thought through, but the one who shines on the pitch is the one with intuition.

I am no David Beckham. I have not changed my life since I was 15 years old. My family is the only thing that has changed for me.

I am very happy with my life, but seven or eight months a year, I am away from home. I want to go home - that's the truth.

In polo, you jump on a horse and you play. To play tennis, you have to train every day. It's your legs that do all the work. In polo, it's the horses' legs.

I always want more glory. Always.

Without good horses, you are nothing. In polo, it's 70 per cent horse, 30 per cent rider. And I have the best horses.

I don't care what other people say. The important pressure, you put on yourself. The pressure that others put on you? I ignore it.

Here in Argentina, it is easy to practice and play because we have the horses, the land, the players - everything.

Everybody is talking about the Triple Crown, but I want to win the Open. That is my aim.

I believe in enjoying the game. If you make it too much work, that's not good.

In Argentina, you do what your father does. If your father plays football, you play football. If your father plays polo, you play polo.

I've always helped polo to grow.

Intuition is what makes the best players.

I will never be a millionaire, and I don't want to be.

I'm just happy with what I am, and I happen to be a polo player.