Alexis Stewart

  • American entertainer
  • Born September 27, 1965

Alexis Gilbert "Lexie" Stewart (born September 27, 1965) is an American television host and radio personality. She is the only child of Martha Stewart and her ex-husband Andrew. She was the co-host of Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer on Sirius Satellite Radio, and Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer on the Hallmark Channel alongside co-host Jennifer Hutt.

If you're nasty to me in my place of business, I'm going to be really nasty back.

Hugging is not my shtick.

I'm a better cook and more of a perfectionist than my mother.

I poke fun of everybody and everything. And who's easier to make fun of than your mother?

If I didn't do something perfectly, I had to do it again... I grew up with a glue gun pointed at my head.

I'm very close to my mother, but not a single other person in my family.

I'm proud to be Martha Stewart's daughter.

The more storage you have, the more stuff you accumulate.

A child is your legacy. What better thing can you do in life than put a really good person in the world who's going to make it a better place?

If you want to punish somebody, never talking to them again is a really good method.

I don't think a lot of women know how much their chances of having a child diminish as they age.

Did I get to go to my friends' houses and eat junk food? Sure. And I'm a great cook. And, guess what? There's no prepared food in my house.