Ana Layevska

  • Ukrainian actress
  • Born January 10, 1982

Anna Sergeyevna Layevska (Russian: Анна Сергеевна Лаевская; born January 10, 1982), known as Ana Layevska, is a Mexican actress and singer, of Russian descent.

I would love to do theater. But I am very picky when choosing theater. I just won't do anything.

When I started acting classes, I was inspired. The truth is I never dreamt of being an actress as a child. But it just happened. When I started studying and getting on stage, it just came to me. I never said 'I want to be an actress.' It just happened. I started discovering myself and realized I loved it.

When I play a villain, I usually get home and sleep straight through the night. It's physically and emotionally draining.

Foreign audiences are used to seeing Mexico in other sorts of movies. 'Casi divas' is a step toward a more commercially successful cinema, without the violence, blood and exaggerations. The movie reflects a more human Mexico, while remaining a chick flick, although it is not a romantic comedy.

I try to do different things. My main goal is to choose roles where I won't repeat myself or where I will not be doing the same role over and over. I try to do a villain, the best friend to the lead, and then a lead. I try to vary it up because if I don't, I will get bored.