Bo Bennett

  • American businessman
  • Born February 16, 1972

Jonathan Bennett (born June 10, 1981) is an American actor and model. He is known for his roles as Aaron Samuels in the 2004 comedy film Mean Girls, Bud McNulty in 2005's Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and the title character in the 2009 direct-to-DVD comedy Van Wilder: Freshman Year and his recurring roles as Casey Gant in the UPN mystery drama Veronica Mars and JR Chandler in the ABC soap opera All My Children. He is the host of the Food Network series Halloween Wars, and he previously hosted Cake Wars.

Untapped potential is the difference between where a person is now and where he or she can be.

A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success.

The best way to lose a job is just not to care. When you do not care, it shows in everything you do.

Value people on their potential, not on their history.

A dead end can never be a one way street; you can always turn around and take another road.

A dead end can never be a one way street; you can always turn around and take another road.

An excuse becomes an obstacle in your journey to success when it is made in place of your best effort or when it is used as the object of the blame.

If you are going to ask yourself life-changing questions, be sure to do something with the answers.

A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement.

If you want plenty of experience in dealing with difficult people, then have kids.

The only place opportunity cannot be found is in a closed-minded person.

I like to think of sales as the ability to gracefully persuade, not manipulate, a person or persons into a win-win situation.

It's not people who resent successful people; it's resentful people who resent successful people.

Without initiative, leaders are simply workers in leadership positions.

Frustration, although quite painful at times, is a very positive and essential part of success.

Faked enthusiasm is worse than bad acting - it is bad acting with the intent to deceive.

You are not, nor ever will be, better than anyone else besides the person you are now.

One's work usually occupies more than half of one's waking life. Choosing work that does not bring happiness will lead to a life that is mostly disappointing.

Success is not in what you have, but who you are.

Peeves do not make very good pets.

Be friendly to everyone. Those who deserve it the least need it the most.

A dream collage is pictures of your goals. It is like your future photo album.

If you think Abraham Lincoln became famous for inventing the town car, it is time to spend a few hours on history.

For every good reason there is to lie, there is a better reason to tell the truth.

Using rhetorical questions in speeches is a great way to keep the audience involved. Don't you think those kinds of questions would keep your attention?

Anyone who wants to sell you overnight success or wealth is not interested in your success; they are interested in your money.

Think of success as a game of chance in which you have control over the odds. As you begin to master concepts in personal achievement, you are increasing your odds of achieving success.

The secret to having everything you want out of life is the realization that you really don't want most of the things you think you want.

Communication is about being effective, not always about being proper.

Those who improve with age embrace the power of personal growth and personal achievement and begin to replace youth with wisdom, innocence with understanding, and lack of purpose with self-actualization.

A good leader is one who can tell another how to reach his or her potential; a great leader is one who can help another discover this potential for him or herself.

The concept of the 'good ol' days' must be one of our society's biggest delusions, top reasons for depression, as well as most often used excuse for lack of success.

A single question can be more influential than a thousand statements.

Most of us are consumed with our own thoughts and desires and are not always thinking about what other people may want. This is not necessarily being egocentric; it is just being human.

Enthusiasm is not the same as just being excited. One gets excited about going on a roller coaster. One becomes enthusiastic about creating and building a roller coaster.

Remember that it is not where you come from, or not even where you are; it is where you are going that matters most.

Show interest in all people, not just those from whom you want something. Making people feel important and good about themselves is just the right thing to do.