Aerin Lauder

  • American businesswoman
  • Born 1970

Aerin Rebecca Lauder Zinterhofer (born April 23, 1970) is an American billionaire heiress and businesswoman.

I don't use a stylist. I know what I like, so I do it myself. I rip things out from fashion magazines. It's easy to order when the phone number is right on the page.

My mother taught me that it is important to be prepared for a last-minute polish.

I'm never without my personalised Anya Hindmarch diary - I keep my schedule online, too, but my diary is always in my bag. It's crammed Post-its.

I like to entertain at home, to live beautifully but comfortably.

Looking feminine is important to me. My personal style is fairly traditional. I was definitely influenced by my mother, who always looks elegant, and by Estee's classic style; she was always in Givenchy or Ungaro.

In terms of pots and pans, I just use the basics - I'm not a snob like that.

I love to decorate a room - from the furniture to the objects to the books.

I think people love having a person behind a brand who lives it. The idea of storytelling is really important.

I inherited my love of gold jewellery from my grandmother.

I've always been inspired by beautiful interiors.

You can't be a major company today without paying attention to celebrities. They are the leaders in beauty and fashion.

I have a lot of passion. I have a lot of pride. I think I do get that from my family. But you can be driven and be nice.

Luxury is anything that feels special. I mean, it can be a moment, it can be a walk on the beach, it could be a kiss from your child, or it could be a beautiful picture frame, a special fragrance. I think luxury doesn't necessarily have to mean expensive.

I think every woman should be using a foundation, whether it's liquid or compact.

The trends that last and the trends that are relevant are the ones that make you look pretty.

I love market research because you really have an idea of what your consumers are looking for.

I think talented people are priceless. And I think people that are knowledgeable and experienced - and I think there's a balance of new talent and experience, which makes, I think, Estee Lauder really special.

My mom has always been kind of my backbone. She keeps me strong. She is a mother, a friend. She is really everything to me.

Growing up in New York, I loved watching my grandmother Estee put on her make-up - I always admired her sense of style.

My grandmother had a lilac bush at her home in Long Island. I always associate the scent of it with her and try to have lilacs in my home.

I love both real and fake jewelry. My kids make me necklaces, and I wear those, too. Every day, I wear my gold wedding band and the Cartier watch my husband gave me.

I've always liked simple. Growing up, I wore corduroys and Lacoste shirts, Maraolo flats, and maybe one gold bracelet.

AERIN is saturated with the qualities that have surrounded me my entire life, many of which came from my grandmother, Estee: passion, style, hard work, family, and, of course, all things beautiful.

It's my personality to be more quiet and reserved. I'm not going out every night to multiple things. I prefer to stay in and be with my children and do Spanish homework to make sure they get a good grade the next day.

There are certain parts of the home that I think embellishment feels cozy and inviting. Then there are other environments, for example, the living room, where I don't have a ton of items on the table.

I love Pilates, I really do, and I do it three times a week because it works well for me.

I wash my skin with Re-Nutrive Intensive Hydrating Skin Cleanser, no toner, and follow with the range's Re-Nutrive Intensive Age-Renewal and Eye Creme.

You could say that I am the Estee Lauder woman. I'm a working mother; time is valuable to me. I want a good product; I want quality.

I used to be a shopper before I had children. I'd go to Bergdorf and Barneys all the time. But now my weekends are spent differently. I go to the skating rink or the park, not the stores.

My actual first summer internship was in the design department of Clinique.