Alastair Wood

Commander Alexander "Alastair" Guthrie Denniston (1 December 1881 – 1 January 1961) was a British codebreaker in Room 40, first head of the Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS) and field hockey player. Denniston was appointed operational head of GC&CS in 1919 and remained so until February 1942.

I thought my Beatles LPs sounded pretty good on a record player, but that was before I had heard a CD.

I see my job as being to facilitate the life of clinical researchers so that they can be more productive, and trying to keep the bureaucracy from getting in their way.

Even then, Vanderbilt was the premiere place for clinical pharmacology.

We've created an impression that life is risk-free, and it's not.

I think we need to think beyond the issue of absolute risk.